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Shane O’Mara a neuroscientist from Trinity College Dublin has written in his book ‘In Praise of Walking “that walkers have lower rates of depression, possibly because they are using the same areas of the brain that support learning, memory and cognition”. He refers to a 20 year study which reported “that those who moved least showed malign personality traits” 

His explanation concludes that “Whilst walking we need to keep looking around us and recalibrating our location with visual clues.... whilst this is going on in the background, our social brains are working to predict which direction others will take so that we avoid collision”. “Robots find crossing the road very difficult but our brains have been solving this and similar problems for thousands of years”.  

So whilst some people think that walking is not proper exercise, he recounts that “walking together is one of life’s great pleasures and it makes us healthier, happier and brainer“.”Our brain evolved to support movement and, therefore, if we stop moving about, it won’t work as well”.