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According to a recent BBC Radio 4 Food Programme chocolate production is threatened by global warming. Cocoa trees, from which we get cocoa beans, are climate sensitive. They only grow in particular areas and as our climate changes these zones are moving.

A representative of the chocolate industry played down the seriousness of this situation stating that it was simply a matter of growing trees in the new zones. However, a majority of the growers, mostly in west Africa, are subsistence farmers paid very little for their crop and so are unable to plant new trees.

Some smaller chocolate companies are operating Fair Trade initiatives with cocoa farmers from the Ivory Coast. They are doing this  to try to ensure they are able to earn enough to invest in the future. If these initiatives were more widely adopted the 50 million people around the world who rely on chocolate for their livelihood might feel supported . It would also ensure that we chocoholics would feel less worried by the fear of scarce supplies.