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The use of bottled water has grown rapidly over recent years, partly due to successful advertising campaigns by companies such as Perrier, who have promoted a sophisticated and healthy image for the product. This has worked so well that global bottled water sales are now valued at £45 billion per year.

Plastic PET bottles, which are widely used for water, have become an ecological hazard. Even though 32% of US and 52% of European bottles are recycled, they are considered to be a significant element of the plastic pollution gathering in the oceans, causing naturalists real concern.

Bottled water can cost some 600 times more than the stuff from the mains. Perhaps we should resolve to drink filtered water in a re-usable glass bottle, or maybe just turn on the tap !

In 2013 China became the biggest consumer taking over from the USA. Research shows that customers can be spending up to an amazing 1,000 times more than they would for tap water. This is whilst a WWF study in 2001 found that bottled is no safer or healthier than tap water. However, some 50% of Americans are regular drinkers and women are more likely to be consumers than men. Other studies show that Afro Americans, and Latinos are more likely than their white neighbours to give bottled water to their children.