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In 2018 there were some 28.3 million households in the UK with a TV set and it is nearly 50 years since colour transmissions were introduced in November 1969. However, in March 2018 there were still 7,531 Black & White TV licenses in operation across the UK. These were mostly in urban areas with 1,596 in London, 377 in Birmingham and 276 in Manchester. But some 313 post codes across the country had at least one B&W licensee.

Whilst this may not be world shattering, it is intriguing to speculate about who might have a B&W TV set that is still working. In 2009 Chris Mullen, who was then MP for Sunderland, wrote “"My reason for sticking with my 30-year-old black and white has nothing to do with parsimony or an aversion to the latest technology. It has to do with waste. I simply can't bear to throw away something which still works."