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According to a study by Velux, the window manufacturers, 1 in 4 people spend some 90% of their day indoors. However, the US Environmental Protection Agency believes that humidity, mould and inadequate temperatures can lead to pollution, so much so that the air inside can be 2 x 5 times more polluted than ‘fresh air. It is believed that children spending extended periods indoors are more susceptible to asthma, allergies and breathing problems.

Dr Michael Henke is the co-author of a study of Carbon Dioxide [CO2} levels in public spaces published in ‘Nature’. He says “Traditionally it has been thought that concentrations of 5,000 parts per million [ppm] would be needed before affecting human health. However, research now suggests that levels as low as 1,000 ppm  could cause health problems  even if exposure only lasts a few hours”

The research team found that “crowded or poorly ventilated classrooms, office environments and bedrooms have all been found to have levels of CO2 that exceeded 1,000 ppm”.