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These bright containers with their distinct colour and shape helps to ‘catch the buyer’s eye’ on the supermarket shelf.


Plastic bottles were first used commercially in 1947 but remained too expensive for wide spread use until the introduction of high density polyethylene in the 1960’s. Since then their use has increased enormously because they are cheap to make and easy to transport. Apart from the fact that they are lightweight and robust, plastics can be brightly coloured and formed into a variety of shapes so, apart from wine and beer, the food companies seem to prefer them to glass.  


These bottles are made using a process called ‘Blow Forming’ where a hot tube of plastic is clamped in a heated steel mould with an air jet at the base. The soft tube is inflated and blown out to form the shape of the mould. The air tube is removed and the hole sealed as the plastic cools and solidifies to create the form. 


The intense hue of both containers provides a strong contrast with the vibrant ground which has been selected to produce a visual foil. The plans and elevations of the bottles and their caps create a variety of shapes, which makes an interesting pictorial composition.

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