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These images are made by carefully observing the subject.There is no computer trickery or photographic process involved.The software provides a set of drawing tools and is somewhat like a printmaking process with both possibilities and limitations. I work within these constraints to produce the images. This software is commonly employed for commercial illustration linking the images to the design and advertising industries which produce and promote these objects This technique produces clear, strong images which allows me to focus on the details of the selected objects.

Perhaps, as a digital maker, my case would be more impressive if I had a big computer, a mysterious piece of hardware or an expensive software package. But unfortunately none of this is true because I draw with the graphics element of the Pages software on my standard Mac laptop.

For me the digital drawing process is ultimately flexible as it allows tor the endless creation and modification of a shape or line. In this way it permits me to continue to ‘tweak’ things until they are just right. I can colour and recolour as I please and each element can be made slightly translucent or completely opaque. as necessary.

The best thing, however, is I that can zoom right in to work on fine detail then pull back out to see what it looks like from a distance all without leaving my seat.

I could possibly be persuaded to concede that the digital process is perhaps less inspiring than the physical because I too love the smell of printing ink and the gooeyness of oil paint. However at the end, of the day it is the final product that counts and digital drawing helps me to produce clean, strong images with gorgeous bright colour.

More importantly this technique allows me to find and develop an image that is hopefully worth hanging. This process involves exploring various visual aspects of the topic and looking at the potential pictures they might generate. Sketchbook images and rough drawings are edited before the final piece is selected. Once an idea appears to offer an interesting composition careful observation is required to create and refine the final piece.

1] Draw geometric shapes and fill them with colour

2] Remove the lines and move the shapes into place.

3] Add lines for edges and the ring around the top, adjust their colours and their widths

5] Draw a background rectangle, send it to the back, remove the line and select the right colour.


4] Then draw the dark and light shapes on the sharpened point, add the nib and its highlight.