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These packages are part of a range of hair care products designed by JDO Brand Consultants in the UK for Dove. The brand is owned by Unilever and marketed in more than 80 countries.  

These products have been designed to be distinctive on the supermarket shelf. The simple sculptural form is a based on an oval section and creates an elegant elongated pebble with a cut away front. The caps, closures and hinges are carefully integrated to compliment and enhance this overall form. The colour is distinctive and bold but not garish and the graphics are minimal so as not to distract from the overall shape.


The outer curves of the rear view carefully merge into each other and must be rendered with subtlety to depict a tight, simple but complex form. The way the line of outer edge bisects the side view creates a dramatic taught shape. Although it is similar to the rear line it varies to create a visual tension. This line is complemented and contrasted by the one at the front of the bottle.The interrelationship of these three lines creates a visual stress which makes the view dramatic and full of interest.

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