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Clear glass is commonly used for carbonated drinks, but less so for beer. When it is employed it enhances the rich golden brown liquid, but when empty it is an interesting shape with subtle indicators of its form.


With the growing popularity of lighter, lager beers and the introduction of pasteurisation in the 1870’s green bottles began to appear. It is only relatively recently that modern hygiene and fast transport allowed clear bottles to be used safely for beer. These bottles have the advantage of maximising the display of the clear bright liquid.


Dark tones denote the thickness of the glass and are broken by small areas of bright light at the junctions of the forms. Here, areas of green transparent glass can be seen. Bright light bounces off the shiny forms, curving, sweeping and flowing across the surfaces. The small contrasting details at the top of the bottle prove to be the most complex to depict but add much to the drawing.

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