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Global data shows that 14% of plastic packaging is collected for recycling but only 2% gets made into something that can be used a second time. The supermarket Iceland has recently responded to this by claiming that they will replace all plastics packaging on their own products. Instead, they aim to use card and paper pulp products. However paper, unlike plastic wrapping, is not currently able to keep the food fresh for lengthy periods..

This pack provides walls and separators to support the product on its journey from the food factory to the supermarket. These forms appear with indents and ribs which reinforce the shape and give it rigidity. The tiny ovals are used to stiffen the base of the moulding.


The tray is vacuum formed where a heated sheet of flat plastic is clamped above a mould in a sealed chamber. The air is sucked out of the space and the sheet is pulled down to adopt the form of the mould. If you hold the moulding up to the light you may notice that the lower edges are thinner than the rest of the moulding. This is because the sheet has been stretched into the mould and the material at the corners has expanded more than the rest.   


The fine details of the burger tray display some interesting features.The base is made from a pattern of tiny repeating ovals which reflect the light in a variety of ways, appearing to alternate from dimples to crescents.

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